Your path is illuminated.


‘Intention is everything’
You’ve heard it all before. It’s all over the internet these days. ‘Manifest your dream life’ or ‘Expect your prayers to be answered’
But trust me, these are not just perfectly designed quotes to share here there and everywhere over your socials… it’s more than just getting the good feels. This is a way of life.

As you may know, We have decided to move our little family back to our home state of NSW. We have been in Western Australia for 3 years now, and for a long while we expected to live here forever, I imagined my daughters as grown women calling themselves West Aussies. But this is not to be. We love this state, the rugged and raw qualities it so beautifully holds, the feeling of being held right to the breast of quintessential Oz, but… unfortunately it is just too far from all our family.
Some people move far far from their families and are ok with that, spruking that they have ‘Created their own family’ I understand that. Some people move far far away from their family and yearn for them hard out, always, but keep on keeping on living far far away. I understand that also. But for us, although we did create ‘another’ family of people here, beautiful, incredibly inspirational people whom I have learnt so much from, we still hard out yearn for our big ol’ family back home, and we just can’t keep keeping on without them being close enough by to hang out with on the weekends. So we made the decision to move back to our home state.

The leaving date is quickly looming, cos apparently January is already gone! (wtf?)
So with this comes some crazy arsed organisation to pack our essential personal items, sell the rest of our entire house, finish restoring the big old truck, maintain the car, and caravan, build a dog cage on the back of the truck, sell the rest of our vehicles, find new homes for our beloved sheep, geese, chooks and ducks, organise to have the cat flown over and catsat, plan out our journey, plan out kids travel activities for a 20 day drive, get brave at driving that far on my own, while hubby drives the truck, organise new schools, new house leases and find a job for the hubs… all while working full time planning retreats, programs, art evenings and a solo art exhibition to have before we leave… which is in about 70 days time.

Holy hell, I hear you say… I know you’re breathing a big sigh of impossibility for me right now…or your flat out screaming that I am crazy. Yep! all those things… but I’ll be damned if anyone will be able to say my life is ordinary! haha.
I have pulled off some big things in my life, but this will take the cake! People just brush off my adventurous ‘can do’ spirit by saying, yeah but your a superwoman. I hate hearing that, cos I am not at all. I freak out, I cry, I doubt myself all the fricken time, don’t we all.. But what I am, is so fucking determined to live a life filled with creative adventure, to travel and to collect moments with beautiful people, to live the heck outta this one wild life.
What I am even more so, is someone who was blessed with an upbringing of faith. I was taught from a young age to have faith, to trust in the journey, to accept that I am being led by something bigger than my fears, and to not only surrender to that, but to live by it.

So, let me tell you a story about miracles…or answered prayers, or manifesting your dreams or setting out your intentions… Or what ever you call that thing that reminds you to keep striving for what you want and reminds you that in fact your life is being lead by a greater force.

A little while ago my hubby and I started to search for properties to rent when we move back to NSW. With horses, dogs a cat and a need for a little farm and lots of space this search is not a simple one and it seemed impossible and mammoth and all too hard to find. One night we unintentionally spoke about our dream property.. We knew we wanted to be nearish to the Newcastle region but not too far from our family in northern NSW. ‘Imagine if we could find 100acres to rent, ahh that would be divine’ we literally said thinking this would be impossible.
The next day, I kid you not, I got an email from an old friend asking if we would be interested in renting her family home… 5bedrooms, 3bathrooms, 3car garage+workshop, 8horse stables, round yard, pool, on… Wait for it… 100acres! In the perfect area of NSW.
Seriously man, You can not make this shit up!!!! Of course we jumped at the chance! I am not just lucky, I asked for a sign that this seemingly impossible feat of moving back interstate was the right move and I got a sign so big that it is taking us through all the other huge steps of making it happen. After this we can now relax a little more and know that, like the house, the perfect job is waiting for my husband and it will all be ok.

I love these life experiences, and I love to share them with you, in the hopes that it might inspire you to live the life you, uniquely want.

Live an adventurous life people it will show you the wonder of the world!
Let this encourage you all to take risks to live the life you want.
Your path is illuminated and you are being led by something bigger than your fears.