Vision Board Workshop.


Join us for an online workshop to create your vision board for the next year!

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Want to get more out of the next year?
Then you need to know specifically what you really want!

One really great (and creative) way to do that is to create a vision board. They really work!

I believe when you make a decision about what you want for your life, you need to do more than just declare it, you need to take action to support that decision, this is a way of getting clear on how to take that action.

Vision Boards are a process of getting really clear on what you want – ‘I want a relaxing holiday by the beach’ Ok, But where? which beach? what time of year? who will you take with you.

Vision Boards help you get very specific about what you want, because without that level of specification you can not accurately set yourself up to take the right action to make it happen. Without it, you give mixed messages about what you really want. 

‘I want to go to Bells Beach in Victoria, for a week in Autumn and take just my best friend and do lots of reading and cooking and snoozing in a little self contained cabin’

So then you can accurately plan because you are more specific about the type of holiday, the length of stay, what kind of accommodation and food you will need. Giving you a clearer idea of your budget and other needs. This making it highly more likely to come to fruition!

If your intentions are to obtain something more along the lines of spiritual or personal growth in the next year then it might look a little like this… ‘I want to learn how to not feel overwhelmed all the time’ Then you need to get specific about how to do that exactly. Find ways that you can do that and add them onto your vision board

Or a career goal? ‘I want to launch my online store selling my creative work’ 

How exactly? A website? Etsy? Social Media store? Then getting specific on how to do that is the first place to start.

Creating a vision board is where you can bring all these things together.

Read this Huffington Post article about the reasons vision board work.

And what is better then getting creative and gaining clarity around your next year?

Doing it with other creative peeps in a fun workshop!

I have been called the Manifesting Queen.. all because I get really clear with what I want in life and I set clear intentions and make choices that will support those things.

Read my story here about how I manifested the house we now live in – Your Path is Illuminated 


How do you attend…

This Vision Board Workshop is an online, 1 hour, live workshop using the online Zoom Video Conferencing service

This means you can join in from the comfort of your own home, with the ability to watch me presenting from my studio and you will have the choice to share your screen to chat or to just listen in.

Once you have registered through the sign up button below, you will receive the link and log in details to access the invite.

{If you live in Newcastle, Hunter Region or the Mid North Coast, you are very welcome to come join me at my studio.}

What we will do in the workshop.. 

I will take you through…

  • How to set clear intentions for what you want
  • How to create a Vision Board to continually bring your focus back to those intentions.
  • Rituals you can instil into your routine to help you keep on track
  • Having fun, cutting, painting and getting creative!
  • *Bonus* FREE Mandala Desk Planner to take the next step of keeping your intentions on track with actions.
  • SPECIAL OFFERS on special LOVE PACKS – Self care and Art care rolled into one gorgeous pack!

 What you need.. 

You will need some of these items, the more the better but if you have at least one from each section you will be ok.

Get all your art gear out, this is going to be more than just cutting and pasting from mags baby!

  • The Board – A large heavy card stock (or board) A4 or larger.
  • Paper supplies – Magazines, patterned paper, plain, watercolour paper and/or card stock.
  • Art Supplies – Watercolour Paint, Acrylic paint, pencils, sharpies, pens, pastels
  • Adhesives – Glue, tape, Spray adhesive, needle and thread, pins, brads

{Kits available – Pm for more details of what you need}


  • To be arranged.

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