The Art Daily – Online Mindful Colouring Workshop


We all benefit from committing time each day to the betterment of ourselves, be it exercise, meditation, prayer, dancing…

I would love you to commit some time each day to making ART.
We are all creatives, despite our skills and I invite you to join the tribe of creatives to take part in our 4 week online colouring workshop.

tHE ART daily.

How it works:

Every Monday morning, for 4 weeks, you shall receive an email with a link to a hand drawn colouring page for you to download and print out.

While you spend at least 5 minutes colouring that page you will be asked to carefully reflect on an area of your life based on the following weekly topics.

Week 1: Gratitude

Week 2: Belief systems

Week 3: Daily rituals

Week 4: Actions:


The purpose of this is for you to;

1. Set aside some time each day (5 – 30mins) to honour your creative self.
2. To take some time to genuinely reflect on your life and the life you want.


    • 5 – 30 minutes a day
    • $47

Once you register you will automatically begin the workshop.

Emails will be sent each day with your free colouring page to download, print and colour while you reflect on the life area topic.

Please fill in the registration form below and click the buy now button to complete your registration.