Peek into my bedroom…

Do you want to peek into my bedroom… more specifically, the corner of my bedroom that holds me wealth and abundance?
Let me share with you my Wealth and Abundance corner and how I think it is key to crafting the life you want.

I am currently running an online program for creatives who want to make a life and a living from their artistic skills.
It is called The Bohemian Project.

Week 1 is all about Mastering Your Art

1. Focusing on your creative goal.

2. Defining your dream life and

3. Creating your reality.
We look into great depth and specification of each of these 3 areas and tailer it to be unique to your creative career

Creating your reality is an important step in creating the life you want because in the famous words of Meryl Streep – ‘It’s amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it’
I believe three of the most important elements of calling in the life you want is to practice gratitude, manifest, pray for or ‘vision’ your ideal life and to nurture your wealth and abundance corner of your home and creative space.

In the program we look at all these areas in great depth, but right now I want to share with you my wealth and abundance corner, it’s very personal to me but I want to share it with you all in the hopes that it will help you tweak your life to be more aligned with what you want.
Wealth and Abundance corner is part of the Feng Shui philosophy. It is the ancient Chinese art of placement. This philosophy says that the way we arrange our exterior space (our homes, yards, offices) affects our lives.

Also known as your ‘prosperity’ corner, this is located in the far left hand corner of your home. So if you are at your main entrance door to your home, the far left corner of your home (under your roof) is the wealth corner of the house and then the same goes for each room.
When I first discovered this, I quickly set up my corner and loved it up with things that equated to abundance to me – plants, crystals and some of my favourite finds from nature, birds nests, cool stones, found snake skins, cool teeny bird skulls, gorgeous shells that represented a memorable day… all things that to me where natures most abundant offerings and in this corner I also stored my daughters massive amounts of daily drawings and creative crafty offerings they made for me.

How I arranged this space and moreso, how I honoured this space, directly and quickly affected my life in very cool ways.

Abundance Corner

In our new home, my wealth corner is in my bedroom, right next to my side of the bed.
Below you can see in detail what it all means and how it symbolises all things wealth, abundance and prosperity.

1. A living plant. I have mint growing here as it is prolific in growth and also an air cleanser and health tonic
2. Hand made Warrior stick. to ward off any bad juju.
3. Art. My daughter’s loving creations made especially for me. graffiti art given to me by a friend in Melbourne which
4. Written Vision Board. The things I want in my life.
5. My Core Desired Feelings. How I most want to feel.
6. One of my first paintings (when I was 11yo)
7. Horse ornaments collected from my world travels and from friends bringing back for me from their world travels
8. Framed image of a Ford Falcon Superbird coupe, which my husband restored for our wedding day.
9. White feathers from a beloved rooster.
10. Framed photograph of the day I graduated with my Degree in Fine Art.
11. Framed photography of my parents.
12. A family heirloom crystal glass which holds necklaces made from bead currency from south east Asia & Nepal
13. Framed photograph of the very first photo of my husband and I
14. Framed photograph capturing a moment of pure love for my daughters
15. Photographs of graffiti art I took in Melbourne which reads ‘We love you’ & ‘Today is a special day’
16. Handmade charcoal stick to represent to me that nature provides what I need to be an artist.
17. Angel ornament given to me as a young girl, from my parents which has ‘December’ on it, my birth month.
18. A model of a Ford Falcon Mustang – Cos I really want one!
19. A crystal lamp shade which holds a candle and sheds amazing light when I sit here at night.
20. Special basket that my daughters carried down the isle of our wedding ceremony, throwing rose petals out as they walked.
21. Blank gloss tile, where I write more specific hopes, prayers, wishes and desires.
22. A money box which belongs to my husband, from when he was a child.

I encourage you to create a beautiful space in your wealth corner of your home and love it up with good intentions and see what happens.
Share with me what it means to you and what it looks like, I’d love to hear all about it.

If you have any questions about this contact me here and I’ll get straight back to you.
If you would like to know more about my program hit this link here.

Love your life!