How to live your creative life now!

Do you want to know how to live your creative life?
The trick is simple…Start where you are at!
Working your dream job isn’t easy and I constantly have to keep telling myself it is worth it because IT IS!Although there are constant set backs, no guarantees (in income or clients) constant hours, people who don’t understand or support you, distractions (!!) it is worth it because inspiring other creative people to live their art is what I am here to do AND it is the biggest self development lesson you’ll ever experience.

Take today for example…
My morning started like a regular morning, with my usual morning rituals to get me in the right state, coffee with my husband, a quick run, feed the dogs, the cat, feed the calf her bottle, feed the horses, take their rugs off, breakfast with my girls, getting dressed etc.. then it deviated to usual with needing to take my 7year old daughter to the dr for blood tests to follow up on some weird sickness she had been experiencing on and off, to rule out any nasties, then grab a few essential groceries that we needed at the mini supermarket, drive my daughter to school, home again get my 4 year old some snacks, and set her up with some games while I attended an online webinar training, liased on the phone with my PA about some tasks I really needed to have done that I kept putting in the too hard basket and so I could focus on working on the three logo designs I am doing for clients at the moment, while tweaking some ad campaigns I currently have running to make sure they were doing what they needed to be doing to promote my online program and re-visiting that program content so to ensure my people are getting exactly what they need from it AND my daughter who then wanted me to jump on the trampoline and get the microphone out to sing my little pony songs to the dogs who were obediently sitting where she told them to, like her little captive audience. The dishwasher, robotic vacuum cleaner and washing machine all started beeping at me in the space of 5 minutes of each other, from completing the tasks I set them to in my usual early morning housework swirl and then the calf started mooing at me from the back yard cos today she wanted more milk than I gave her.
It’s a constant dance of being a mother of all multi tasker, gentle parent and centred and super focused state master!

My 4yo is my last baby, she goes to school, full time in 6 months. I don’t want her to be at daycare everyday, I don’t want to not have her at home with me, but I still want to make a life AND a living from my art, so…. I make it work. Some days it just doesn’t work and so I just breath, let it go and know that tomorrow is a new day.

At times I would get so super frustrated about it and it would put pressure on me and my husband and just be shit but in order to make it work I had to learn how to surrender it all and jump on into the ebb and flow of it and take lessons from the journey the whole time.

She draws while I work. We constantly chatter while I work. I stop work so we can eat lunch together and so we can play pretend shops together and then I tell her when I need to go back to work. She accepts that cos she knows I also tell my ‘work’ that I need to go back to her.
I am building a future for them and it’s my hope that I can be a role model to them that whatever dream they have for their lives when they are older, they can have… If only they don’t let their excuses hold the power.

So if you are a creative with a dream to make a career or business from your art form then I can tell you right now what ever excuse your using to hold you where your at I’ve used them all!
If you really want to make an income from your creativity then you can, but first you have to learn how to manage the excuses.
They are merely tests of your determination and resourcefulness.These are the excuses I used to use…

– No time.
– Kids at home.
– Working from home being a distraction.
– No family support.
– Needing a solid income.
– I’m not good enough.
– I’m not the ‘best’ in my field.
– i’m not qualified.

Just ask yourself one question… How much do you want this?
If its a lot then the next step is simple… you just need to learn how to break it all down to manageable steps and I would loove to hep you with that part.
If you really want to make a life and a living from your art, I am here to fight for your dream because I believe art will save your life and your art is meant to be shared with the world in the hopes it saves a part of them too.

If you are ready to do this, shoot me a quick messageĀ here I’ll be in touch to organise a time to catch up so you can tell me all about your dream life and I can see if I can help you get there.