Our Gypsy Journey Across Australia


As many of you know, in March 2016 we packed up our life in Western Australia after 4 years and moved our little family home to NSW.

It took us months to organise everything, as we decided it would be more cost effective (and cleansing) to sell most of our belonging and only take what we couldn’t part with… of course including our horses and hounds AND to make a HUGE adventure out of it!

So my husband restored up his old 1965 ford truck, built a crate on the back and we took only what we could fit in that, and our little caravan and he was to tow our littleĀ caravan and I was to tow our horse float with our two horses aboard.

The date came for us to begin the 2 week journey. We had mapped out every step of the way, we had booked into pony clubs and race tracks and farm stays the whole way across and the first stop was to be Perth to drop our cat at the airport to be flown home.

Unfortunately this was not to be and 40kms from our old home the truck broke down and it became apparent that it would not be making the trip. (including ALL our belongings) WTF!

So despite many tears, we knew that this was all going to be ok. So many things had flowed and doors had opened for us so we knew this was just a hiccup to get over.

We parked the truck at a friends and organised for it to be picked up by a semi trailer transporter in a months time and we had a friend tow our caravanĀ to Perth where we had to buy a new car and off we went.

It took 12 days… 10 of those days driving all day and 2 much needed rest days.

Our girls were amazing and although some days we drove each other mental overall it was so much fun and our horses and hounds who have never done such a journey were absolutely incredible, my gelding soon got used to getting in and off the float.

We all look back on that trip as such an amazing time of our lives, or leaving behind everything that we were in WA and venturing into the adventure of our new lives in NSW.

Every time I am feeling like I can’t do something, I remind myself of the time I got really brave and drove across the country with 2 kids, 2 horse & 2 hounds and how now the memories are ones I would never trade!
Don’t let your fear dictate your adventures.

{Watch this lil quick video of our trip below. }



Here is something I wrote on the side of the road in the flinders ranges.

Life is a Highway – by Holly Marsden

A relentless stretch, a feat for all which accommodates for roadside sleeping when your caffeine stimulated body runs out.

Your only friends are the occasional lights of a road train passing you by like a vision and the dreams of your destination.

Where else do you develop a faceless kinship via UHF radio, with sometimes blunt but never short of humor, reminders to turn your brights down, or polite inquiries into your state when parked too close to the road.

Everything is vast and far, the sky looks down like a passed on loved one giving your eyes a feast of wonder and a moments welcomed distraction.

The lights of an approaching town lead you to dance in your seat like an excited little dog, hoping you need to refuel so as to give reason for a stop, a stretch, a snack and to give your lap a rest from your real excited little dog, who makes his home there on the long journey

One child sleeps softly while the other with wide eyes fixed on the screen in front of them taking in what ever movie world has been offered to them. You enjoy the peace knowing it has an expiry and at any moment as fast as a pin can drop in the silence it could all change to full volume screaming to be freed from the oppressive child seat straps.

The dangers of wild animals is bittersweet, knowing that when you see a wild and rugged herd of goats, horses, emus, hands clutch for the nearest camera, but suddenly having one in your headlights can cause your car to swirl ferociously into the landscape ending at a flock of eagles eating their fill.

Tyre marks exit the road in a fashion of speed all along the way, leaving a heavy feeling in your heart and a hope that all was not lost there

You mark your journey with conversations of engine efficiency, kilometers to the tank mileage and stories of future endeavours paused on occasion by letting the music take the space as it sings us into yet another long journey closer to where we’re really going.

Peace & BIG dreams
~ hollyholster.