Near homelessness and determination

So last night we were nearly homeless… We are currently renting our home and property and we had found another property in which we felt was more suitable to our needs then our current one, this new property is also on the market to buy. We looked at it on our wedding anniversary and fell in love with it, it was nothing flash, but it had a nice big kitchen, lots of big gum trees, a beautiful vegetable garden area {Read More}

My purpose and me (and how I got there)

This is one of my first paintings. I still remember the day… Dad sat my brother, my sister and I down and taught us how to use oil paints. I must of been 6 years old? He showed us techniques of how to mix the paint with a medium, how to set out the painting plan, which elements to include first and how best to apply the paint, with the most appropriate shaped brush. This was the first memory I {Read More}

Sometimes we just have to get outta the way of our own creativity and just begin

In our home we believe in ART. Often I feel it is my religion… my ethos… my purpose, how ever I feel to label it, but one thing is for sure it’s behind every move I make. My girlies are also on board with this way of thinking and I LOVE IT! So how do you nurture the love of art and creativity in children? LET THEM CREATE! So in our home this is what we do. We create things. {Read More}