I now believe in L O V E

Recently my heart has been ripped from my body as I laid my beloved dog to rest and although I feel so incredibly raw I feel such intense clarity. When people have asked me how I am after this, knowing me and knowing the essential place my little black dog had in my life, they have been surprised at how I say the process of loosing Zeke has transformed my life in a way I have been waiting for, for a {Read More}

By my side

I lost my beloved little dog on Monday. I made that decision to have him put to sleep, to lay his 13 year old body to rest…that really hard one, that decision that I had been holding off making for quiet some time. I wholeheartedly know that it was the right time to make that decision, that as his person, it is an honour to be able to help him rest now after being everything I needed him to be, {Read More}

The Painter and the Painted Pony

I just woke myself and my family howling my eyes out in my sleep, with a face saturated in tears. I had, had a bad dream about my horse, Apollo… Somehow he was no longer mine and he was in someone else’s paddock and I was frantically trying to find him. I sat up in bed declaring to anyone who would listen that I am never loosing that horse, then wiped my tears away and started writing… I have been {Read More}

The Lassie dog that changed everything.

Last night I sat with a circle of amazing women, we meet every full moon and share our journey of the past month and do an activity that makes us feel solid in who we are as women, sitting together. Sharing life. Last night we told stories about a part of our lives, without any ego attached. This made me think of a story I would like to share with you. This is my dearly beloved lassie dog, Zali who {Read More}

2 little daughters and choosing the wrong path

I have two little daughters… Impressionable, spirited babes looking to my husband and I to guide them, to show them how to flourish into the best version of their little selves. It is a role I longed for and cherish everyday. There are two people we have come to ‘know’ who also have two little daughters, but unlike me, they have now lost their role of guiding those girls through life and for that I am so very grateful. Last {Read More}

‘The blessed curse’

My brother has this term called ‘The blessed curse’. It’s where your blessed with an insatiable passion and need to create art,  but at the same time your cursed by it. For Dale, my brother, it is to make (and produce) music and or me, well obviously, to paint and draw and create visual art. The blessed curse makes you happy because you know what you love and what you want and need and all that but it stops you {Read More}

I choose gratitude.

We all know that what we focus on grows. You focus on how bad your day has started and you will inevitably continue to have unfortunate events come at you. You start the day focusing on what you are thankful for, like really focus, detailed focus… being specific about the intricate things you truly hold gratitude for and you will realise you have a hell of a lot to be thankful for AND it will grow. Like attracts like… it’s {Read More}

How ART, literally saved my life.

Do you want to know why I am so passionate about helping people find their true self when they feel they are lost? Why I long for people to find their creative selves? Why I know that art can save your life? This is my story… ‘It’s not your fault’ Is the first thing that came from my friends lips when I quietly told her what had happened the night before on the beach. The same sentence was said over and over {Read More}

Have faith.

Whether you believe in God or allah or spirit or Jehovah has nothing to do with me, or with this blog post… I’d LOVE to talk with you about it, cos I find religion and belief systems fascinating and I always walk away having grown just a little bit more. You may believe in the universe or some other higher source, and that is also not my business… nor does it have anything to do with this blog post…. But {Read More}

when it’s time to stop enduring the sad story.

How often have you had to access your ‘Reserve tank’? When you feel like you’ve got nothing left in you, no more energy, no more tricks, no more joy, yet you feel you need to keep on enduring by accessing some secret tank within yourself… Last week I was driving home. Rain was falling hard. We’d flown the width of this country. I was exhausted. The West Australian sky welcomed us home to her with a magnificent sunset peeking through {Read More}