Nobody knows how to say goodbye.

The sun was on my face while I sat alone on the couch, I could see my horses grazing just outside and I had this thought… If your dad has Alzheimer’s disease and he forgot who you are for the first time, should I start to say my goodbyes to him now..? What if I wait and put it off a little longer but I miss the moment he forgets me forever and he never actually ‘hears’ me say goodbye. Is it {Read More}

Rituals are essential!

What are the rituals you do that keep you in your best state? The reality is we all have rituals we just don’t realise they are rituals. A ritual is a ceremony or action performed in a customary way. Your family might have a Saturday night ritual of eating a big spaghetti dinner and then taking a long walk to the ice cream shop. As an adjective, ritual means “conforming to religious rites,” which are the sacred, customary ways of {Read More}

Love Deck Live – Mondays @ 10am

  We have made a deck of 25 creative inspirational cards. Small enough to carry in your wallet, but big enough to impact someone’s day! AND We have gone one step further to bring inspiration to your day by creating a weekly LIVE chat, every Monday at 10am (AEST) on our facebook page.  Where I draw a card from the LOVE DECK and briefly talk with you about the quote on the card and how to apply it to your {Read More}

Our Gypsy Journey Across Australia

As many of you know, in March 2016 we packed up our life in Western Australia after 4 years and moved our little family home to NSW. It took us months to organise everything, as we decided it would be more cost effective (and cleansing) to sell most of our belonging and only take what we couldn’t part with… of course including our horses and hounds AND to make a HUGE adventure out of it! So my husband restored up {Read More}

How to live your creative life now!

Do you want to know how to live your creative life? The trick is simple…Start where you are at! Working your dream job isn’t easy and I constantly have to keep telling myself it is worth it because IT IS!Although there are constant set backs, no guarantees (in income or clients) constant hours, people who don’t understand or support you, distractions (!!) it is worth it because inspiring other creative people to live their art is what I am here {Read More}

Be well.

‘Be well’ is something I wrote one day when I woke up and realised just how happy I was and I felt it a good thing to share now. It was early in the morning, I had just fed my feathered babies and was sitting with my horses by the creek. I soaked all of my life in, the pain, the loss, the fear but for that moment, I remember I realised that although I am unable to control the {Read More}

Peek into my bedroom…

Do you want to peek into my bedroom… more specifically, the corner of my bedroom that holds me wealth and abundance? Let me share with you my Wealth and Abundance corner and how I think it is key to crafting the life you want. I am currently running an online program for creatives who want to make a life and a living from their artistic skills. It is called The Bohemian Project. Week 1 is all about Mastering Your Art {Read More}


  You may have seen this coming in my recent posts, but as my beloved tribe of followers of Smoochy & Boo I want to officially announce my big news! I have decided to re-brand my business. I first started Smoochy & Boo, as a healthy lifestyle blog and store selling health foods and products and kids craft kits handmade by myself. Inspired by the isolation of living in the Central desert of WA, my original ethos was to help enable mothers to {Read More}

Those beautiful excuses.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. So often I hear people use reasons as to why they can not do the thing they know they really should be doing. They are basically always the same reasons… They have no time, they have no money, they are not equipped/ qualified enough. Sure if you really look at it, and think (possibly overthink) about it, these reasons are damn good reasons. Even beautiful excuses. They are valid, they are accepted and they are sometimes even {Read More}

Your path is illuminated.

‘Intention is everything’ You’ve heard it all before. It’s all over the internet these days. ‘Manifest your dream life’ or ‘Expect your prayers to be answered’ But trust me, these are not just perfectly designed quotes to share here there and everywhere over your socials… it’s more than just getting the good feels. This is a way of life. As you may know, We have decided to move our little family back to our home state of NSW. We have {Read More}