I now believe in L O V E

Recently my heart has been ripped from my body as I laid my beloved dog to rest and although I feel so incredibly raw I feel such intense clarity. When people have asked me how I am after this, knowing me and knowing the essential place my little black dog had in my life, they have been surprised at how I say the process of loosing Zeke has transformed my life in a way I have been waiting for, for a {Read More}

By my side

I lost my beloved little dog on Monday. I made that decision to have him put to sleep, to lay his 13 year old body to rest…that really hard one, that decision that I had been holding off making for quiet some time. I wholeheartedly know that it was the right time to make that decision, that as his person, it is an honour to be able to help him rest now after being everything I needed him to be, {Read More}

He is my home.

This is a story about my music, my paintings, and my marriage… and how they all tell a story of my sense of home. The actual, physical home I grew up in has now burnt to the ground, but most nights when I dream, that is where I am. I remember intricate details of that place, the bedroom I shared with my sister, the lounge room patterned carpet, the stone fireplace, the overbearing plum tree… odd little details. That now, non-existant home {Read More}

The Painter and the Painted Pony

I just woke myself and my family howling my eyes out in my sleep, with a face saturated in tears. I had, had a bad dream about my horse, Apollo… Somehow he was no longer mine and he was in someone else’s paddock and I was frantically trying to find him. I sat up in bed declaring to anyone who would listen that I am never loosing that horse, then wiped my tears away and started writing… I have been {Read More}

The Lassie dog that changed everything.

Last night I sat with a circle of amazing women, we meet every full moon and share our journey of the past month and do an activity that makes us feel solid in who we are as women, sitting together. Sharing life. Last night we told stories about a part of our lives, without any ego attached. This made me think of a story I would like to share with you. This is my dearly beloved lassie dog, Zali who {Read More}

Blessings to the lost babes

  Have you ever heard of mother guilt? I can hear some of you scoff… Yea your familiar. Be it feeling guilty cos your kids have had too many late nights, eaten too much junk, haven’t brushed their teeth all weekend or because you live too far from their grandparents… How ever way it comes to you, its a real thing. Have you heard of farm animal mothers guilt? Well that can be my thing… Feeling guilty because I forgot to {Read More}