6 steps for down to earth livin’


1. Make a cup of tea.

Stop what you are doing and commit to the tea making ceremony that many cultures partake in and speak of as a high aspiration of living a life of truth. Boil the kettle, warm the pot, steep the tea leaves, carefully select the perfect cup for your current disposition, place these things, along with what ever you may add to your tea (honey, milk, sugar) to a tray and walk everything out into the sunshine. Sit and take in your tea… no phone’s, no books, no conversation… just your current state and your tea.

2. Walk on the earth.

Take your shoes off and walk outside… get your feet into the dirt and squish them in, get them dirty. Stop and breath and draw out the history and goodness that the soil has to offer

3. Say your thank you’s.

Say your prayers, be thankful, show your gratitude in your words. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, outwardly showing your gratitude each day, in a painting, in a journal or in your words, is the truest way to be in the moment and in the right state. Gratitude magnifies goodness.

4. Eat your harvest.

Go to a garden or orchard. If it’s not yours, go to a community garden, a friends garden, or stop by that tree on the side of the road. Eat something that has grown there, that you have freshly picked. Don’t collect it in a pretty basket and don’t make a lovely arrangement with it on your kitchen counter… just pick it, eat it, enjoy every delicious mouthful.

5. Collect nature.

Go to a park, a farm, the beach and collect a handful of treasures from nature that take your eye. Feathers, shells, stones, sticks, leaves, bones or flowers… what ever catches you and draws you in. Take these home and place them in an intentional place where you will see them often and be reminded of that moment.

6. Snuggle an animal

The bigger, the better. Snuggle, pat, hold on your lap, hug… be in the presence of an animal. stay there with the animal until your both comfortable with each other. If it’s a horse, wrap your arms around his neck and rest your heart on his chest, breath him in. If it’s a chicken hold her on your lap and gently feel her amazingly intricate and soft feathers.

Now how do you feel? 

Print this short, sweet and simple guide –6steps-down-to-earth-livin and stick it somewhere you will see it regularly to remind you.

Peace & BIG dreams ~ holly.