Be well.

‘Be well’ is something I wrote one day when I woke up and realised just how happy I was and I felt it a good thing to share now.

It was early in the morning, I had just fed my feathered babies and was sitting with my horses by the creek. I soaked all of my life in, the pain, the loss, the fear but for that moment, I remember I realised that although I am unable to control the things that happen in this life, what I can control is my perspective and how I let it effect me.

I knew that things were hard for me in this time, but for this moment I knew that ‘This too shall pass’ the hard stuff would eventually ease and we would grow from it and because of that I was able to fully sit in that moment and be content with my life and more than anything to know what I needed, uniquely for me, to be able to be strong in my well-being and keep moving forward.


Be well – By Holly Marsden

After joining the sun as it rose over the still mountain, her morning prayers and true self nestled under the safety of the gums, she strolls back to the house, her hair filled with perfectly placed feathers and her turned up t-shirt hem holding that mornings eggs. Geese squawking, ducks diving into the freshly cleaned pond, sunshine warms her good intentions and excited chickens.
An affectionate nickering sound gently escapes her pony’s lips, hopeful for some soft whispers and kisses. She willingly obliges and as she does is joined by the rest of the herd, quietly queuing to be next.
Spotted from the top paddock, the sheep bleat and group stare, searching for something that represents a feed container, hoping for a little something extra before they commit to a walk down the dusty track.
Red dirt blows over my toes in a dusty embrace as she wanders though the vegetable garden, snapping fresh kale pieces to unite with other greens for her morning juice….She sits and lets out a satisfied sigh.
Let the day begin!

Although this is not how every day begins, sometimes it does. On those days magic happens, I am aligned with my inner most me…or in the words of James Brown, I feeeel goooood!

Well-being is a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity
That means something different for all of us and that is beautiful.

For me it means laughter, satisfied sighs, gum trees, green juice, whole food, homegrown veggies, vitality, freshly laid eggs, rest, open paddocks, soulful friendships, horse breath, wagging tails, lots of paint, love making and my giggling children.

What does Well- Being mean for you?

What makes your entire being, your body, your heart and your mind feel well?