You may have seen this coming in my recent posts, but as my beloved tribe of followers of Smoochy & Boo I want to officially announce my big news!

I have decided to re-brand my business.

I first started Smoochy & Boo, as a healthy lifestyle blog and store selling health foods and products and kids craft kits handmade by myself. Inspired by the isolation of living in the Central desert of WA, my original ethos was to help enable mothers to live a healthy and creative life for their entire family, regardless of where they live.
Smoochy & Boo – Homegrown life incorporated healthy real food, growing your own vegetables and keeping your own small farmyard with a very big focus on keeping everyone creative!

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This is how big my girls were when I started and as you may know by now the business name came from their nicknames…My eldest is Boo and my littley is Smoochy. They have taught me (as have my own parents) how important it is to nurture creativity in children, how they naturally create and it is so important for all their development and if this is harnessed with a healthy lifestyle of eating real foods and living closely with nature then you kids are off to a great start!

The Kids craft kits have been so fun to create and sell to people who value the things that Smoochy Boo also valued. They were little boxes of handmade love for little ones to ‘create’ their own toys like felt food, finger puppets, prayer flags and beaded mobiles, etc, with all the crafty bits and pieces to put them all together. I was targeting the parents who want to help harness their child’s creativity in a healthy whole way, but didn’t know where to start.

I have started many businesses over the years… some online, and some bricks and mortar and all based on using my art in some way. As it always goes, this little business grew and grew and I threw many ideas at it, all with the ethos of using art and creativity to help people (of all ages) grow and develop and enjoy their lives, but the further I delved into it, the more I began refining what I was truly wanting to put out there… AND what my specific gift is in doing that…the more I said to people to do what makes you happy and although I love working with kids, the more I refined my gifts the more I realised I was denying myself of the thing that made me most happy!

I love seeing a person inspired and lit up with life, it’s the most invigorating energy to be around… especially if they too discover they can make a life from their own creativity!
I love working with kids, but as my girls have grown older I feel my shift has naturally needed to change and that is ok because what is meant to be will always make itself known to you… and if
you let it (which has taken me so long to learn) it will always lead you back to your most authentic self.
So in light of all this learning and letting go and all that good (challenging) stuff, I have accepted that Smoochy and Boo has indeed outgrown its name and original intentions and the direction it has moved into now is much more than I could have ever imagined.

So what now? Well… back to me. The realest of me!

I am changing the Smoochy and Boo business to…hhlogo1

Holster has been my nickname for a very very long time.
It’s a little bit country a little bit daring which is kinda how I’ve always been. (Ask my mother)
My many businesses before Smoochy & Boo were all based on being a little bit country and daring and brave and creative.
So to rebrand my business to Holly Holster seems like an obvious natural step back towards my truth.

So how is this going to change the business? Apart from the name, and website address changing to, It won’t really change… except allow me to be unashamedly me and I will stay strong with the two things I most value in this business and that is Art + Connection.

Connection to myself, connection to my creativity and encouraging those I work with to stay connected to themselves and their unique creativity and those that best support us in this journey.

I will still be creating artworks and designs for specific clients and running workshops, retreats and my online program carefully tailored to my people to bring about the most growth for people who want to really live their creativity.

If your needs too have changed and what I offer is not for you, by all means unsubscribe but promise to stay true to you.

Lastly, I want to say a gigantic thank you for your support from whenever you joined the gypsy tribe of Smoochy & Boo followers,
I promise I will endeavour to serve you even more authentically than ever before.
Stay incredible.

Peace & BIG dreams

holly holster

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