Clarity & Connection Retreat


holly holster Clarity & Connection retreats are your opportunity to enjoy a lush time away to get into your creative spirit.

How would it feel to…

  • Know how to get back to your real self quicker, when you forget who you are or where you are going?
  • Have more clarity with your goals and direction?
  • Use your creativity to stop feeling overwhelmed with your busy life?
  • Have more confidence in your skills?
  • Learn how to use your creativity more often?
  • Take a day/night out of your busy schedule to be inspired and to refill your tank?
  • To nourish your body and soul with great food, music and art making in beautiful peaceful surroundings

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Creativity (which is a part of us all) is like your inner guidance system when things go haywire inside of us. Stop and create something, with pencils, paint, music, clay, timber, food, anything and take note how much more calmer and clear you feel. 

When you feel calm and clear then you will make the best decisions for yourself, you’ll love your family harder and be the best god damn YOU you can ever be. 

Art as therapy is a proven and widely used form of therapy, healing, getting your mojo back… what ever you want to call the process of moving closer to who you really are. 

In today’s glorification of ‘busy’ and super full lives, taking time for yourself to ensure you can re-gain your true self when you feel your loosing it, is one the most important things you can master


Join me and other soulful women, for a day and night of getting clear and connected with directed mindful art making, colouring, drawing and painting as I guide you through some powerful creative activities that you can use anytime you need to feel most like yourself again.


 Clarendon Forest Retreat, Mid Coast, New South Wales. 

Oh my… you guys, this place is just incredible!

Talawahl Eco Lodge is an amazing 3 bedroom house with gorgeous timber and stone features a fully self contained kitchen, huge verandahs and a spa and the serenity in this park land retreat centre is really something special!

What you will gain:

  • Clarity with your life direction and goals.
  • Freedom from feeling overwhelmed in today’s busy lifestyles.
  • Ability to express yourself creatively
  • Skills that will enhance your creativity.
  • Confidence in your creative skills.
  • The ability to recognise when you are out of alignment with yourself and the tools and skills to be able to get back to your true self quicker.
  • A time out of normal life in beautiful surroundings with all meals and accom taken care of.

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What will we do:

Creative Arts activities:

  • Expressive drawing – Think large paper, charcoal, colourful chalk, beautiful mess!
  • Mindful colouring. – Meditative time to focus on an area of your life while you colour.
  • Light drawing. – Getting into nature and drawing amongst the beautiful surroundings of the retreat centre.
  • Emotive paint throws. – Massive canvas tied between trees and literally throwing paint at it!
  • Clay Play – Relaxing and soulful time getting our hands dirty in clay and creating vessels.

Equine Assisted activities: (No riding of horses)

  • Morning meditation with the horses – Sitting near the herd of horses for some simple meditation.

Other amazing activities:

  • Burning beliefs.
  • Listen to amazing music.
  • Eat delicious and nutritious food
  • Swimming and Bush walks
  • Connect with other soulful women.


Autumn Retreat – 18 March 2017 

Winter  Retreat – 10 June 2017 

Spring Retreat – 2 Sept 2017 

There are two types of tickets available.


Overnight tix: 

10am Saturday – 10am Sunday.

Only 4 tickets available!

All meals AND accommodation are provided! 

  • Morning tea (Saturday)
  • Home cooked Lunch (Saturday)
  • Afternoon tea (Saturday)
  • Dinner (Saturday)
  • A Healthy Breakfast (Sunday)

Investment: $317

Day tix: 

10am – 4pm Saturday.

Only 4 tickets available!

All meals AND accommodation are provided! 

  • Morning tea 
  • Home cooked Lunch
  • Afternoon tea

Investment: $147


Tea, coffee and refreshment drinks also provided for all ticket holders.

Come along for a truly special day/night and go home rejuvenated with some tools to promote creative mindfulness in your life to bring about the balance you require. 

Meal Times:  

9.30am – Arrive.

10.00am – Start (With morning tea)

12.30pm – Lunch

3pm – Afternoon tea break

4.00pm – Close


6.00pm – Dinner & Drinks

7.00am – Breakfast

10.00am – Celebratory cake!


Like to know more? Fill in your details here and we will be in touch. 

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Like to know more? Fill in your details here and we will be in touch.