My purpose and me (and how I got there)

This is one of my first paintings. I still remember the day… Dad sat my brother, my sister and I down and taught us how to use oil paints. I must of been 6 years old? He showed us techniques of how to mix the paint with a medium, how to set out the painting plan, which elements to include first and how best to apply the paint, with the most appropriate shaped brush. This was the first memory I {Read More}

Sometimes we just have to get outta the way of our own creativity and just begin

In our home we believe in ART. Often I feel it is my religion… my ethos… my purpose, how ever I feel to label it, but one thing is for sure it’s behind every move I make. My girlies are also on board with this way of thinking and I LOVE IT! So how do you nurture the love of art and creativity in children? LET THEM CREATE! So in our home this is what we do. We create things. {Read More}